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Cupcakes Nude Scenes

Cupcakes Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Brief Nudity
Genres: comedy, music
AKA: Bananas
Countries: France, Israel
Theatrical Release: 03/27/2015
Home Release: 06/09/2015
Director: Eytan Fox
Runtime: 92 Minutes
Cupcakes (2013) is an Israeli musical comedy. It’s about six stressed out friends in a Tel Viv suburb who get together to watch a televised song contest called Universong. They’re not pleased with the lame song that was selected to be the Israeli representative. One of the girls in the group Anat (Abot Hameri) is going through some bumps in her marriage and the other girls write and record a song on a cellphone to…

Male Celebs in “Cupcakes Nude Scenes”

Alon Levi as Asi

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