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186 Dollars to Freedom Nude Scenes

186 Dollars to Freedom Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Brief Nudity
Genres: action, drama
AKA: $186 to Freedom
Countries: Peru, USA
Theatrical Release: 09/21/2012
Home Release: 12/09/2014
Director: Camilo Vila
Runtime: 101 Minutes
186 Dollars to Freedom (2012) is an intense drama based on the true story of Wayne Montgomery (John Robinson), a young, naïve Cali surfer living the good life with his hot ass girlfriend in Lima, Peru. But Wayne’s carefree life soon comes to an end when he lets his visa expire and ends up in jail being extorted for cash by the cocaine-planting Peruvian police. When Wayne refuses to pay up, he finds himself lost in a…

Male Celebs in “186 Dollars to Freedom Nude Scenes”

Alex Meraz as Nicaragua
John Robinson as Wayne

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