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Kiss the Bride Nude Scenes

Kiss the Bride Nude Scenes

Rating: Brief Nudity

Director: Vanessa Parise

Rated: R

Country: USA

US DVD Release:February 8th, 2005

Families, for those of us who have been spawned by them, are unslacking founts of drama and, in the light of bittersweet hindsight, humor. The Rhode Island clan of Italian Americans brought to heaving, hugging, swearing, and warmhearted crying life in Kiss the Bride (2002) has been blessed with four daughters, each a driven high-achiever in her own way, and each in her … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celebs in “Kiss the Bride Nude Scenes”

Monet Mazur as Antonia ‘Toni’ Sposato
Alyssa Milano as Amy Kayne
Vanessa Parise as Christina ‘Chrissy’ Sposato