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The Outsider Girls and Sexy Scenes

The Outsider Girls and Sexy Scenes

Rating: Brief Nudity

AKA: The Outsider: A Film About James Toback

Director: Nicholas Jarecki

Rated: NR

Country: USA

US DVD Release:February 19th, 2008

The Outsider (2005) is an insider look at director James Toback. Even better, the documentary focuses on the making of his erotic thriller When Will I Be Loved (2004). You may recall that flick as the best look yet at Neve Campbell’s mmm-mmm goodies. Toback shot his film in a mere twelve days, making for a whirlwind experience that’s nicely captured in the … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celebs in “The Outsider Girls and Sexy Scenes”

Neve Campbell as Herself