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Total Recall Girls and Sexy Scenes

Total Recall Girls and Sexy Scenes

Rating: No Nudity

Director: Len Wiseman

Rated: PG-13

Country: USA

US DVD Release:December 18th, 2012

Colin Ferrell takes the place of good old Arnie Schwarzenegger for a brand spanking new Total Recall (2012). The reality bending space flick may have changed a little thanks to updated special effects technology, but don’t worry, the three-breasted prostitute is still there in all her scene-stealing glory. So get your ass to Mars (or stay on Earth in this case) for chases,… Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celebs in “Total Recall Girls and Sexy Scenes”

Kate Beckinsale as Lori Quaid
Kaitlyn Leeb as Three-Breasted Woman