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Genre: Police/Detective
AKA: A.S. – Gefahr ist sein Geschaft
Premiere Date: January 3rd, 1995
Network: Sat 1
Country: Germany
Also known as A.S. – Danger is His Business, this 1995 crime series is still regularly rerun on German TV today. Based on the premise of a quick-thinking Private Investigator and a hooker with a heart of gold getting involved in all manner of crime, corruption and misadventure, it featured German TV movie veteran Klaus J. Behrendt as A.S. (Alexander Stein) and Andrea…

Skin Celebs

Celebrity in “A.S.”

Birke Bruck as Anna Capelli
Andrea Sawatzki as Sonja Hersfeld
Sabine Postel as Andrea Busch
Anouschka Renzi as Brigitte Treblin
Tina Ruland as Daniela