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Blood on the Docks

Blood on the Docks

AKA: Deux flics sur les docks
Premiere Date: November 11th, 2011
Country: France
The French TV series Deux flics sur les docks translates roughly as “Two Cops on the Docks,” and that’s basically what it is– a crime drama centered around the adventures of by-the-books investigator Faraday (Jean-Marc Barr) and his unorthodox partner Winckler (Bruno Solo). The old “good cop/bad cop” trope may be hopelessly cliche, but you’ve got foxy French femmes like Carolina Jurczak baring…

Skin Celebs

Celebrity in “Blood on the Docks”

Agathe Dronne as Mary Devlin
Melanie Tran as Laurie Swaty