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MTV Video Music Awards

MTV Video Music Awards

Genres: Award Show, Comedy, Music
Premiere Date: September 14th, 1984
Network: MTV
Country: USA
When MTV first came on the air the M stood for music. But it’s lately become clear, with all those booty-shaking mamas jiggling for horny teens, that the M really stands for moaning. Nowhere is that more evident that at the annual MTV Video Music Awards, where every pop tart is trying to out scandalize the next in barely there outfits and bump-and-grind…

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Miley Cyrus as Herself
Lady Gaga as Herself
Kim Kardashian West as Kim Kardashian West
Shakira as Herself
Nicole Appleton as Herself
Mariah Carey as Herself
Eva Longoria as Herself
Madonna as Herself
Katy Perry as Herself
Pink as Herself
Britney Spears as Herself