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The Bastard Executioner

The Bastard Executioner

Genre: Drama
Premiere Date: September 15th, 2015
Network: FX
Country: USA
A far cry from Sons of Anarchy, The Bastard Executioner (2015) is another TV drama from the one and only Kurt Sutter. This time, motorcycles are traded out for horses and our protagonist is a soldier-turned-executioner named Wilkin Brattle. A divine messenger leads him to his new profession, where he struggles to understand his mysterious, mystical destiny amid a veritable Welsh bloodbath. Along the…

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Celebrity in “The Bastard Executioner”

Elen Rhys as Petra Brattle
Katey Sagal as Annora of the Alders
Flora Spencer-Longhurst as Baroness Lowry ‘Love’ Aberffraw Ventris / Baroness Lady Love Ventris