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The Lakes

The Lakes

Genre: Drama
Premiere Date: September 14th, 1997
Network: BBC1
Country: United Kingdom
A Liverpool loser finds nothing but intrigue when he moves to The Lakes 1 & 2 (1994-1997). Danny (John Simm) is tired of scraping out a meager existence in his hometown of Liverpool, so he heads to the mountainous Lake District to take a job at a hotel. The bucolic surroundings draw boatloads of tourists, but as Danny soon discovers, they also attract adultery.…

Skin Celebs

Celebrity in “The Lakes”

Annabelle Apsion as Beverly
Emma Cunniffe as Emma Quinlan
Clare Holman as Simone Parr
Amanda Mealing as Jo Jo Spiers
Mary Jo Randle as Bernie Quinlan
Kaye Wragg as Lucy Archer