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Wicked City

Wicked City

Genres: Crime, Drama, Police/Detective
Premiere Date: October 27th, 2015
Network: ABC
Wicked City (2015) is a scintillating new show on ABC that tells the story of now-iconic crimes that went down on the Sunset Strip. A sociopathic serial killer named Kent (played by Ed Westwick) has taken to seducing beautiful women, taking them to an isolated spot, and stabbing them while they blow him. (It unfortunately only gets worse, as his necrophiliac tendencies come…

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Celebrity in “Wicked City”

Erika Christensen as Betty Beaumontaine
Heather Grace Hancock as Mallory Kharchenko
Karolina Wydra as Dianne Gibbons
Georgi Jacobs as Angie