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Chi-Raq Nude Scenes

Chi-Raq Nude Scenes

Rating: Brief Nudity

AKA: Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq


Director: Spike Lee

Rated: R

US DVD Release: December 29th, 2015

Country: USA

US DVD Release:December 29th, 2015

Once upon a time, a dude named Aristophanes wrote a Greek comedy called Lysistrata, a story about a woman who stopped a major war by having all the women refuse sex until their men put down their weapons. This Spike Lee remix takes that story to the South Side of Chicago, where gang violence has destroyed countless lives, including the one of a… Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Top Scenes

Chantley Lorraine Ward| – BREASTS|Some nice looks at Chantley’s chesticles as she gets screwed from behind!|At the 1 hour, 16 minute, 5 seconds mark…”
Chantley Lorraine Ward| – BUTT, BREASTS|Brief right breast and butt from Chantley as she chats in bed with Nick Cannon!|At the 1 hour, 18 minute, 42 seconds mark…”
Teyonah Parris|THONG|At the 10 minute, 5 seconds mark…”
Ilfenesh Hadera|UNDERWEAR|At the 1 hour, 35 minute mark…”
Teyonah Parris|SEXY|At the 1 hour, 43 minute, 2 seconds mark…”

Celebs in “Chi-Raq Nude Scenes”

Ilfenesh Hadera as Ms. McCloud
Teyonah Parris as Lysistrata