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Les 1001 nuits Nude Scenes

Les 1001 nuits Nude Scenes

Rating: Great Nudity!

AKA: 1001 Nights


Director: Philippe de Broca

Country: France, Italy, Switzerland

What is the actual purpose of advanced mathematics, really, when the highest any man ever needs to count is one thousand and one? The titillating and magical adventures of the one thousand and one nights have been leaving dreamy-eyed adolescent men beguiled and boner-popped since the tales of erotic exploration first appeared in print many, many days ago, more than there is any … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Top Scenes

Catherine Zeta-Jones| – BREASTS, BUTT|Operation: Jug-bo drop! In this nutty sequence, Catherine jumps out of a plane, and the wind causes her clothing to fly off. How fortuitous for us–we get to peep her pontoons and posterior.|At the 49 minute mark…”
Catherine Zeta-Jones| – BUTT|Got a hankering for some rump roast? Our gal busies herself fixing a meal in a skirt with such a deep, intense slit, that we can see the deep, intense slit betwixt her Catherine Zeta-Buns.|At the 50 minute mark…”
Catherine Zeta-Jones| – BREASTS|Mrs. Douglas turns up the heat writhing for a sheik-type gent . . . she’s wearing slinky wee underwear, and bares a hint of left nipple, that sneakily pokes its nose from behind her hair.|At the 21 minute mark…”

Celebs in “Les 1001 nuits Nude Scenes”

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Sheherazade