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Liz in September Girls and Sexy Scenes

Liz in September Girls and Sexy Scenes

Rating: Brief Nudity

AKA: Liz en Septiembre


Director: Fina Torres

Country: Venezuela

(0:21) Danay Garcia in bikini and Arlette Torres in bathing suit at the beach.(0:24) Eloisa Maturen and Patricia Velasquez in scuba gear swimming underwater(0:25) Eloisa Maturen on boat in her bikini. Patricia Velasquez in her bikini top.(0:37) Danay Garcia begins kissing Patricia Velasquez. Patricia Velasquez puts her hand inside Danay Garcia’s bikini bottoms.(0:40) Danay Garcia in bikini top.(0:45) Breasts on Patricia Velasquez underwater… Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Danay Garcia as Coqui