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Lumberjack Man Nude Scenes

Lumberjack Man Nude Scenes

Rating: Great Nudity!

Director: Josh Bear

Rated: R

US DVD Release: October 27th, 2015

Country: USA

US DVD Release:October 27th, 2015

You know a slasher movie is going to be good when it takes place at Good Friends Church Camp, home of “Fun Under the Son.” This time, a group of morally questionable camp counselors arrive at the camp ahead of time to prep for the onslaught of small children that is to come. Except instead of an onslaught of kids, they get an… Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Top Scenes

Vanessa Velacruz, Nikki Seven| – BREASTS|Vanessa and Nikki sit topless on a school bus, texting, before getting their heads chopped off!|At the 15 minute, 28 seconds mark…”
Andy San Dimas| – BREASTS|In this extended fantasy sequence, a topless Andy shows off her knockers a whole lot!|At the 28 minute, 1 seconds mark…”
Raven Rockette, Athena Paxton| – BREASTS|Raven and Athena take off their bikini tops to go swimming, exposing their breasts while some creepy kid looks on!|At the 36 minute, 5 seconds mark…”
Amanda Moon Ray| – BREASTS|Amanda finishes having sex with some dope and then we get an extended look at her chest!|At the 40 minute, 15 seconds mark…”
Amanda Moon Ray| – BREASTS|A topless Amanda puts her top back on before being abducted by a sasquatch!|At the 41 minute, 20 seconds mark…”

Celebs in “Lumberjack Man Nude Scenes”

Ciara Flynn as Faith
Athena Paxton as Courtney
Amanda Moon Ray as Danielle
Raven Rockette as Kendra
Andy San Dimas as Theresa
Vanessa Velacruz as Chiffon