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Spectre Girls and Sexy Scenes

Spectre Girls and Sexy Scenes

Rating: No Nudity

Director: Sam Mendes

Rated: PG-13

Country: England, UK, USA

(0:04) A little cleavage on Stephanie Sigman as she lies on the bed.(0:36) Monica Bellucci is disrobed but we only see her bare back.(0:37) Monica Bellucci kneels on the bed in black lingerie as Bond leaves her.(0:47) Naomie Harris in a leggy nightgown getting out of bed.(0:51) Naomie Harris sitting at a tabel in her leggy nightgown(1:23) A bit of Lea Seydoux cleavage… Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celebs in “Spectre Girls and Sexy Scenes”

Naomie Harris as Moneypenny
Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann
Stephanie Sigman as Estrella