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Unmimely Demise Nude Scenes

Unmimely Demise Nude Scenes

Rating: Brief Nudity

Director: James Cullen Bressack

US DVD Release: June 1st, 2013

Country: USA

US DVD Release:June 1st, 2013

Horror/comedy short film Unmimely Demise (2011) preys on many people’s fear of clowns and mimes. Here Cheeky the Mime returns to the stage after a 10 year absence. This time, he has an agenda. Instead of entertaining the crowd, he uses his arsenal of invisible weapons to kill all those who oppose him. It is up to a friend from his past to… Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Kirsty Hill| – BREASTS|Kristy lets her huge hooters hang out as a clown probes her with a horn!|At the 33 minute, 29 seconds mark…”

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Kirsty Hill as Kate