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Aleta: Vampire Mistress Men

Aleta: Vampire Mistress Men

Nudity Rating: No Nudity
Genres: action, fantasy, horror
Country: USA
Home Release: 09/15/2015
Director: Phil Condit
Runtime: 88 Minutes
An ancient evil has been awoken, and it’s up to FBI Agent Dan Higgins (Beau Nelson) to solve it in the action horror flick Aleta: Vampire Mistress (2012). What seems at first like a routine investigation into a violent robbery, quickly takes a left turn when Higgins realizes that the robbery was just to distract from the awakening of Aleta (Ange Maya), the first vampire and the one from whom all others have descended!…

Zachary Ryan Block as Joerg Von Helsing
Beau Nelson as Dan Higgins

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