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Angels & Insects Men

Angels & Insects Men

Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
Genres: drama, romance
AKA: Angels and Insects
Countries: United Kingdom, USA
Theatrical Release: 01/26/1996
Home Release: 03/19/2002
Director: Philip Haas
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 116 Minutes
Aristocratic families in Victorian England are all the same: they’re naughty, secretive and fun to observe. In Angels and Insects (1996), the bug obsessed Mark Rylance befriends the Alabasters and marries their daughter Eugenia (Patsy Kensit). Shortly after the wedding, the eccentric behavior of the wealthy family begins to unravel. Between his intense investigations of insects, Rylance shows that he doesn’t have a…

Douglas Henshall as Edgar Alabaster
Mark Rylance as William Adamson

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