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Coming to America Men

Coming to America Men

Nudity Rating: No Nudity
Genres: comedy, romance
Country: USA
Theatrical Release: 06/29/1988
Home Release: 03/09/1999
Director: John Landis
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 116 Minutes
When most people think of Eddie Murphy they think of the raucous comedian turned A-list Hollywood star with a plethora of hits under his belt. When we think of Eddie we think of walking, talking sex. Coming to America (1988) is the breakout box office success that showcases Eddie Murphy’s talents, and by talents we obviously mean his ripped, sexy body! Murphy plays Prince Akeem, a wealthy Africa prince looking for love….

Arsenio Hall as Semmi / Extremely Ugly Girl / Morris / Reverend Brown
Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem / Clarence / Randy Watson / Saul

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