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Falling Star Nude Scenes

Falling Star Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
Genres: drama, history
Country: Spain
Home Release: 07/21/2015
Director: Luis Luis
Runtime: 111 Minutes
Falling Star (2014) is about the brief reign of Amadeo of Savoy as king of Spain in the 1870s. He was sworn into office, following a reign of chaos, but was aware that his time on the Spanish throne was always going to be brief. The man who championed his appointment, Gen. Prim, was assassinated days before Amadeo took the throne, and in his new castle no one makes it a point to greet him. Since his attempt at progressive…

Lorenzo Balducci as Lorenzo
alex Batllori as El Criat
alex Brendemuhl as El Rei Amadeu de Savoia

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