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Ghost Story Nude Scenes

Ghost Story Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
Genres: drama, horror, thriller
Country: USA
Theatrical Release: 12/16/1981
Home Release: 03/25/1998
Director: John Irvin
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 110 Minutes
Based on the titular book by Peter Straub, Ghost Story (1981) isn’t so much about a ghost as it about a zombie. Or a ghost zombie. Or a zombie ghost. We’re not really sure what she is, but it’s not good, we can tell you that much. The story begins with four ederly gentleman who have started their own club, as elderly gentleman like to do. For some odd reason, these little pow wows all involve ghost stories, which…

Craig Wasson as Don Wanderley / David Wanderley

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