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Rabbit Without Ears Nude Scenes

Rabbit Without Ears Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Brief Nudity
Genres: comedy, romance
AKA: Keinohrhasen
Country: Germany
Theatrical Release: 12/20/2007
Home Release: 09/25/2008
Director: Til Schweiger
Runtime: 116 Minutes
Rabbit Without Ears (2007) is a German comedy about a celebrity reporter with less than stellar morals who meets his match when he is sentenced to work at a daycare. Ludo Decker (Til Schweiger) will stop at nothing to get the latest celeb scoop. After butchering his most recent story by crashing a famous boxer’s engagement party, however, he is sentenced to make up for it by working for Anna Gotzlowski (Nora Tschirner)…

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