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Savage Weekend Nude Scenes

Savage Weekend Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Brief Nudity
Genre: horror
AKA: The Upstate Murders
Country: USA
Theatrical Release: 03/09/1979
Home Release: 09/02/2008
Director: David Paulsen
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 88 Minutes
Tapping into the slasher movie craze of the 1970’s and 1980’s, Savage Weekend (1979) follows the formula with a few twists. When several couples head out to the country for a weekend where they plan to drink, eat good food, have sex, and check out a boat that is being built, all seems perfect. Until a masked mystery killer beings taking them out one by one.First we get some naked, sweaty sidage from Devin…

Devin Goldenberg as Jay Alsop

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