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Take My Eyes Nude Scenes

Take My Eyes Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
Genres: drama, romance
AKA: Te doy mis ojos
Country: Spain
Theatrical Release: 10/10/2003
Home Release: 11/07/2006
Director: Icíar Bollaín
MPAA Rating: NR
Runtime: 109 Minutes
Take My Eyes (2003) is a Spanish drama that tells the story of a physically abused wife trying to break away from her abusive husband. After growing sick of his abuse Pillar (Laia Marull) leaves her husband and takes her young son with her. She moves in with her sister, gets a job she enjoys, and starts rebuilding her life. Meanwhile, her husband goes to anger management classes and tries to win her back. When she agrees…

Luis Tosar as Antonio

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