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The Summer House Nude Scenes

The Summer House Nude Scenes

Nudity Rating: Brief Nudity
Genre: drama
AKA: Das Sommerhaus
Country: Germany
Theatrical Release: 04/15/2014
Home Release: 08/25/2015
Director: Curtis Burz
Runtime: 95 Minutes
The Summer House (2014) is a family drama that follows the lives of a seemingly perfect middle class family that has some deep secrets. On the surface this family appears to have it all, but in realty the husband is bisexual and cheating on his wife with a man while his wife and daughter seem to be suffering from severe depression and loneliness.Things get hot and steamy when Sten Jacobs, Felix Witzlau and Tobias Frieben take…

Tobias Frieben as Oliver
Sten Jacobs as Markus Larsen
Felix Witzlau as Matthias

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