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We Are Your Friends Men

We Are Your Friends Men

Nudity Rating: No Nudity
Genres: drama, music, romance
Country: USA
Theatrical Release: 08/28/2015
Home Release: 11/17/2015
Director: Max Joseph
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 96 Minutes
Tousle-haired, tight-bodied Zac Efron stars in this EDM drama, and with that, we’re considering closing this synopsis right there. There are six good reasons to watch this movie, and they all reside on Zac Efron’s perfect stomach. That said, we’ll indulge you anyway.We Are Your Friends (2015) stars a bunch of sexy dudes living in the San Fernando Valley, aspiring for the fame and glory of Hollywood but stuck…

Zac Efron as Cole
Alex Shaffer as Squirrel
Jonny Weston as Mason

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