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Kussen verboten, baggern erlaubt (2003) Nude Scenes

Kussen verboten, baggern erlaubt (2003) Nude Scenes

Rating: Brief Nudity


Director: Lars Montag



Country: Germany, Spain

Human pursuits at their most primal transcend cultural and geographical barriers, especially an endeavor so essential to man’s well-being as mixed-doubles beach volleyball when presented in the teen-comedy setting. Scripted by the hip young American writing team of Rob Churchill and Bob McCabe and directed by Teutonic wunderkind Lars Montag for a presentation on German television, Kussen verboten, baggern erlaubt (2003) is an

Nikola Kastner as Stephanie
Marleen Lohse as Julia
Anja Nejarri as Viola
Mandala Tayde as Loretta