Blue Ice

Categories: Facial. Director: Phil Marshak. Distributor: Caballero Classics. Year: 1985. Country: United States. Language: English. Length: 145 min
Actress: Shanna McCullough | Jacqueline Lorains | Danielle | Helga Sven | Adrienne Bellaire |
Actors: Ron Jeremy | Jamie Gillis | Paul Thomas | Hershel Savage | Francois | Bill Margold | Reggie Nalder | Long Chaney | Iarkin McCallister | Unknown Male 773-E | Unknown Male 773-B | Unknown Male 773-A | Unknown Male 773-D |

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Description: Blue Ice will take you to unbridled heights in XXXtacy! Jacqueline Lorains will go deep undercover and expose the truth in the way that she only knows how with her hot body and insatiable sexual appetite, she will take you on a sex adventure that'll melt your world!

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Scene 1. Adrienne Bellaire, Helga Sven, Bill Margold, Francois Scene 2. Jacqueline Lorians, Hershel Savage Scene 3. Jacqueline Lorians, Jamie Gillis Scene 4. Shanna McCullough, Ron Jeremy Scene 5. Danielle, Hershel Savage Scene 6. Helga Sven, Paul Thomas Scene 7. Jacqueline Lorians, Hershel Savage Scene 8. Helga Sven, Jacqueline Lorians, Francois

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