Casanova 2

Categories: Clip, Latin. Director: Carlos Tobalina (aka Troy Benny). Distributor: Caballero Classics. Year: 1982. Country: United States. Language: English. Length: 147 min
Actress: Kay Parker | Jesie St. James | Rhonda Jo Petty | Danielle | Mimi Morgan | Beverly Rogers | Maria Tortuga | Kitty Shane | Sandy Pinney | Phadra Grant | Suzanne French | Kathy Harcourt | Paula Wain | Vicky Lovelace | Tracy O'Neil | Bridgette Felina | Cathy Linger | Sheila Parks | Susan Silver | Ann Perry | Justine Taylor | Maureen Spring | Jane Goodman | Maria Pia | Linda Digeone | Holly Nelson | Linda Winston | Sandra Light | Sunny Spicer |
Actors: John Holmes | Kevin James | Ed Navarro | Blake Palmer | Blair Harris | Bill Margold | John Seeman | Ray Wells | Carlos Tobalina | David Brook | Rock Steadie | Bjorn Beck | William Kirschner | Rick Ardo | Reggie Gunn | Charly Rule | Peter Johns | Dorian Kulp | Charles Thrugood | Howard Moses | Bob McCloud |

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Description: No name has conjured up lusty images of romance and virility than that of CASANOVA. His countless affairs with eager women from every level of society bestowed upon his remarkable Italian nobleman the envy of every man who ever made it with some willing wench. Casanova was a real man, and his exploits were just as real. Who else could possibly portray this character on the screen than this centuries' own legendary Casanova: JOHN HOLMES!

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Scene 1. Jane Goodman, John Holmes Scene 2. Bridgette Felina, Cathy Linger, John Holmes Scene 3. Linda Digeone, Sheila Parks, Bjorn Beck Scene 4. Danielle, Rhonda Jo Petty Scene 5. Danielle, Rhonda Jo Petty, Bjorn Beck Scene 6. Jesie St. James, Bjorn Beck Scene 7. Jesie St. James, Bjorn Beck Scene 8. Justine Taylor, Paula Wain, John Holmes Scene 9. Suzanne French, John Holmes Scene 10. Tracy O'Neil, John Holmes Scene 11. Maureen Spring, John Holmes Scene 12. Bonnie Holiday, Holly Nelson, Linda Winston, Sandra Light, Sunny Spicer, Vicky Lindsay, Bob McCloud, Carl Regal, Charles Thrugood, Don Fernando, Howard Moses, Ray Wells Scene 13. Maria Tortuga, guy Scene 14. girl, guy Scene 15. girl, Kevin James Scene 16. 2 girls, 2 guys Scene 17. 3 girls, Kathy Harcourt, 2 guys, Blake Palmer, Reggie Gunn Scene 18. girl, guy Scene 19. blonde, Kevin James Scene 20. girl, guy Scene 21. Kitty Shayne, guy Scene 22. girl, 2 guys Scene 23. girl, guy Scene 24. blonde

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Kay Parker
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