Coming In Style

Categories: Lesbian. Director: David Michel. Distributor: Caballero Classics. Year: 1986. Country: United States. Language: English. Length: 132 min
Actress: Sharon Kane | Kimberly Carson | Marita Ekberg | Joan Towers | Lisa Firestone | Linny Bunns | Beverly Michel |
Actors: Robert Bullock | George Payne | Frank Serrone | Dick Howard | Thomas Cergano | Bill Hart | Wayne Thomas | Gary Zuaro | H. Chris Cristiano | Vito Biage |

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Description: What goes on behind the doors of a swanky beauty salon? You'll find everyone's coming in style as this horny tale of carnal comb-outs unravels. Sidney the hairdresser works on stiffs (in a funeral parlor, that is) until his friend. David gets him to move uptown. Why? So Sidney can use her talents on David's girls. Sexpot customers Kimberly Carson and Sharon Kane get streaked, stroked and teased (even before they get their hair done) at Sidney's new Fifth Avenue Salon.

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Scene 1. Susan Nero, Robert Bullock Scene 2. Kimberly Carson, Marita Ekberg Scene 3. Kimberly Carson, Dick Howard Scene 4. Marita Ekberg, Susan Nero, Robert Bullock Scene 5. Marita Ekberg, Bill Hart Scene 6. Sharon Kane, George Payne Scene 7. Susan Nero, Frank Serrone Scene 8. Kimberly Carson, Lisa Firestone

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