Friday the 13th 2

Categories: Facial, Black. Director: Tony Vincent (aka F.J. Lincoln). Distributor: Caballero Classics. Year: 1989. Country: United States. Language: English. Length: 144 min
Actress: Sharon Mitchell | Porsche Lynn | Megan Leigh | Barbii | Muffy | L. Downe |
Actors: Tom Byron | Mike Horner | Joey Silvera | Billy Dee | Tony Vincent |

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Description: Back in the ‘80s I worked in a video store. Yeah, I know, it seems like every geekoid jackass with a blog, a video camera or a multi-million dollar studio contract has done time in that quintessential ‘80s phenomenon. It was a mom and pop industry and it was harder to find a gas station than a freakin’ video store in those days.Hey, man, don’t judge. The only reason I’m outing myself here is because when I worked at said video store we carried the Caballero adult video line and there was one movie that caused quite a bit of confusion. This was a time when the porno parody became a pretty hot commodity. Capitalizing on the titles of mainstream films promising a sexed up version and delivering, well, pretty much nothing but sex and bad acting. Some titles, such as DRIVING MISS DAISY CRAZY (1990), were a bit too close to the original, but nothing caused confusion like FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2.You can imagine the kinds of complaints we got when people got the wrong FRIDAY. Horror fans were pissed because they got some stupid porno (no, seriously) and guys with hookers (one of our locations was right across the street from a seedy motel) were pissed because they got some stupid horror flick. Seriously, what was Caballero Video thinking anyway? Oh yeah, they were thinking payola! As in cash in their coffers, not as in paying off on advertising promises, that’s for sure. I’m pretty sure this video started life under a different title as aside from a title card and a dime-store hockey mask used as set dressing, this ain’t got shit to do with the Paramount series.

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Scene 1. Megan Leigh, Billy Dee, Tom Byron Scene 2. Barbii, Joey Silvera Scene 3. Porsche Lynn, Tom Byron Scene 4. Barbii, Sharon Mitchell Scene 5. Sharon Mitchell, Mike Horner Scene 6. Porsche Lynn, Billy Dee Scene 7. Barbii, Tom Byron

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