Good Girl Bad Girl

Categories: Facial, IR, Anal, Masturbation, Black. Director: Art Ben. Distributor: Caballero Classics. Year: 1984. Country: United States. Language: English. Length: 133 min
Actress: Taija Rae | Sharon Mitchell | Colleen Brennan | Danielle | Carol Cross | Paula Meadows | Silver Starr | Sandy King |
Actors: Joey Silvera | Jerry Butler | George Payne | Steve Arthur | Eric Monti | Bobby Spector | Joseph Striker | Bill Landis |

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Description: When she was good, she was very, very good...but when she was bad, she was great! In scene after arousing scene, we witness in close-up intimacy the sexual encounters she enjoyed. It's all here...the supercharged studs and the lustful, wanton women whose only thrill was newer and wilder forms of orgasmic satisfactions! Hers was a life of unending pleasures, and unparalleled succession of satin sheets and soft willing flesh throbbing at the touch of anticipated ecstasy.

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Screenshot "Good Girl Bad Girl":

Scene 1. Colleen Brennan, Jerry Butler Scene 2. Carol Cross, Joey Silvera Scene 3. Colleen Brennan, Sharon Mitchell, Bobby Spector, George Payne, Klaus Multia Scene 4. Sharon Mitchell, Eric Monti Scene 5. Sandy King, Joseph Stryker Scene 6. Silver Starr, George Payne Scene 7. Danielle, Taija Rae, Klaus Multia Scene 8. Paula Meadows, Joey Silvera Scene 9. Taija Rae, Joey Silvera Scene 10. Colleen Brennan, Joey Silvera

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