Super Sluts of Wrestling

Categories: Facial, Anal, Latin. Director: Charlie Diamond (aka Phil Prince). Distributor: Caballero Classics. Year: 1986. Country: United States. Language: English. Length: 144 min
Actress: Trinity Loren | Blondie Bee | Tiffany Storm | Brittany Stryker | Nikki King |
Actors: Frank James | Dan T Mann | Tony Montana | Lee Jay |

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Description: Scientist develops a serum that will give extra power to his girlfriend, so she can make it big in the world's capital of entertainment as an oil wrestler. His plan backfires as another girls gets the serum first, and he experiences the consequences. The collateral effects of the serum make the girls difficult to appease sexually... Outside and inside the wrestling ring.

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Scene 1. Blondi, Tony Montana Scene 2. Tiffany Storm, Frank James Scene 3. Nikki King, Frank James Scene 4. Trinity Loren, Dan T. Mann Scene 5. Brittany Stryker, Frank James Scene 6. Brittany Stryker, Tiffany Storm

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